Iron Age industrial quarter

6th century BC

  • Author: David Štulc Zornik

You live in an Iron Age settlement extending across the territory of today's Most na Soči. You are an apprentice in a foundry shop. You have already adjusted to difficult working conditions in the heat, smoke and fumes. The shop is full of various interesting tools like pliers, awls, chisels, hammers and hand-held bellows. On the shelves, there are stone moulds, pieces of raw material, sheet metal, half-made products and end products.

Complex fibulae
You are distracted by the hustle and bustle outside accompanying the merchant who has brought cattle into town. All your peers are there. You can hardly concentrate while the master makes a new version of fibula that is really something special (nowadays known as the St. Lucy’s fibula). It is adorned by numerous pendants: rings, tweezers, jingle bells. This pin was a real fashion fad among the local girls. It is very difficult to make, and you hope you will not have to make one for your apprenticeship exam.

Owl challenge

Look at the 3D reconstruction attempt of a “longhouse” where our Iron Age ancestors carried out their craft activities - that was 2500 years ago! 


PHOTO: 3D replica of a “longhouse”


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