Bronze age

The year is 1300 BC

  • Author: David Štulc Zornik
  • Author: David Štulc Zornik

You are living at the confluence of two rivers. In the spring, you had set up a new place to live: you prepared the straw for the roof back in the autumn, and stored wood during winter time. You now bring clay to your dwelling place which you will then use to plaster the walls with. This way, you will be cosy and warm and protected against the cold wind. 

Your father is not home today. He and his friend went hunting on a nearby hill. He usually takes a bronze headed spear with him, and an axe with two bronze fins. His friend is a better hunter than your father, and has mastered all hunting skills. The last time they went hunting, they brought home a large deer with opulent antlers which they had caught in a trapping pit. That night, your mother made a stew in the big ribbed clay pot. Not much was left of the deer. You made use of its skin, and your father turned the top part of one of the antlers into a nice handle for your bronze knife.    

Owl challenge

Dear time traveller, do you know that among the excavated items some pottery was also found by archaeologists? The pottery was made using a potter's wheel.

In the Bronze Age, the potter's wheel did not yet exist. It was brought to this area by the Celts in the Late Iron Age.

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