Roman burial ground

The year is 400 AD

  • Author: David Štulc Zornik
  • Author: David Štulc Zornik
  • Author: David Štulc Zornik

The Roman cemetery, which extends along the part leading from the settlement to the east, is witnessing an increasing number of burials following the Christian method. However, you still bury your loved ones on the left side of the river. Despite Christianity prevailing as the religious practice in this area, you are still taking part in religious ceremonies at the grand sanctuary by the River Isontius (today’s Gradič nad Kobaridom) and celebrate Belenus, Apollo and Jupiter. 


Owl challenge

With the arrival of Christianity from the 4th century, a burial practice unkown at that point began to spread in this area. What was it?


The arrival of Christianity contributed to the spread of natural burial. 

Did you know?
Even before the arrival of Christianity, the better-off Romans had their gravestones made while still alive. The gravestone tablet usually contained a tribute to the gods, a name, and in some cases the profession of the deceased. One of such gravestones was also made for a man named Avlus Vicrius from the middle of the 1st century BC.

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