About the medieval bridge across the Soča River

About the medieval bridge across the Soča River

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You are a skilled masonry worker called Jakob from Friuli. Through the morning mist on 14 November 1322, you are sighting the bridge, just like any skilled expert would do, which you and your team have been working on for two years here at St. Maurus (today’s Most na Soči) upon the order of Nikolaj from Cividale del Friuli. The pillars are masonry structures, across which a strong wooden construction lies. The plan is excellent, the bridge is even better, and it comes with a 20-year warranty. 

But will everyone be happy?
A few hours later you are annoyed by a supervisory committee come to verify if the bridge has been constructed in accordance with the contract. The committee consists of the client’s representatives: the mayor of the village Modrejce, and witnesses from Čiginj, Modrejce and Podmelec. They nit-pick saying the rail is too low, the width of the road too narrow. However, not for very long, as half a barrel of sweet Ribolla wine will soon appear on the scene to celebrate the new acquisition on the road leading to Cerkno and Škofja Loka.

Owl challenge

What do you think, dear time traveller - did Tolmin also have a bridge across the Soča River back in the 14th century? 


A few centuries passed until the first bridge was constructed. In Tolmin, the Soča River was crossed using a boat, which is also evidenced from a toponym “On the boat” written on a 1504 map of the territory belonging to the cathedral chapter of the Cividale del Friuli.

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